Custom Nightguards

Fight Occlusal Disease

Due to a stressful, fast-paced life that many of us are experiencing, there is a new disease being diagnosed in dentistry. It is called “occlusal disease” – excessive wearing away of the enamel by night-time grinding and clenching. Sleep studies have shown that we can grind with much greater intensity in our sleep than when we are awake.

Recent studies have also found that certain medications can cause patients to grind in their sleep. Many patients are not even aware of their nocturnal grinding; however, the teeth will show very obvious signs if it has been going on. Obviously, it’s much better to identify the problem as soon as possible so the teeth can be protected from this destructive behavior.

If we see the signs of nocturnal grinding and clenching in your mouth, we will recommend that you be fitted with a custom made night guard that will protect your teeth from further excessive wear. Call Burnett Dental Care for an evaluation today at 903-597-7721.
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